Marketing Strategy
Market Research
PayrMarketing Manager2017 - Current

Startup NorwayPartner2014 - 2016
Norway's leading startup community. Startup Norway's purpose is to inspire and guide business minded individuals on taking the step to become a successful entrepreneur. By facilitating new projects that feeds the ecosystem with more entrepreneurs and startups, we are aiming to build a thriving startup scene in Norway and tie the startup community closer together. We believe large companies have a lot to learn from startups. Methods, mindset, speed, long-term visions, collaboration and leadership to mention a few. By helping companies to connect to the startup scene and adapt the startup-culture, we make sure that innovation capacity evolves over time.
Startup ExtremeCo-founder & CMO2014 - 2016
Responsible for Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) before, during and after the event. Starting from 0 we grew the social channels to the level of several comparable events that have been going for several years. As Head of PR I was responsible for getting articles about both Startup Extreme and startups attending Startup Extreme in some of the biggest Norwegian and European newspapers and online magazines, in total 27. This include a double-page on Startup Extreme in Dagens Næringsliv, article in Wired Japan, as well as an article on 4 Norwegian Tech Startups in Wired UK, the latter of which have been shared more than 1500 times.
Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)Master, Innovation & Entrepreneurship2013 - 2015