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I try to do things differently and challenge the obvious solution. I attempt to define my own setting for any project by seeing possibilities in existing and future technologies. I believe that we must constantly innovate and always consider if there are better, smarter ways of doing what we normally do in life, privately and professionally.


I understand the Internet from the wires up to the app, and know what's possible or not within the given limitations of a project - whether they are related to technology, finance or time available.


I’m an entrepreneur, currently going all in with 2 partners on ERNIT™ - an app connected to a physical piggy bank that uses light to show your children how close they are to reaching their goals. Go see!

ERNITFounder & COO2013 - Current
ERNIT is a piggy bank consisting of a connected, physical piggy bank and an app. Through the app parents, grandparents - anyone you want - can transfer money directly from their app into the kid’s ERNIT piggy bank, which then notifies the child through light & sound. The child sets its own goals in the app and puts money into its own savings, gifts or charity, all in a gamified environment that teaches the child to be smart about money and prepares them for the future. I'm in charge of the production of all digital within and integrating to the ERNIT system, as well as I'm working closely with the engineers on the production of the physical ERNIT unit. As head of innovation I'm constantly striving to identify emerging technologies and trends, turning potential threats into possibilities.
Thomas BjerringMusic Producer1996 - Current
Recording artist in electronic genres, releasing on german label Traum Schallplatten (Cologne).
DIA / Danish Internet AwardsJury Member2016 - Current