Steffen Westbye
Owner, Graphic Designer, Art Director at Westbye Design
About me
I am a multidisciplinary Norwegian designer and creative director. Currently working freelance out of Oslo, Norway. My core strength is in visual communication and business development. I am motivated by making creative solutions that develops, differentiates and positions brands and businesses, within both digital and analog landscapes, and in the intersection between these. My drive is to always create value, through an insight driven and user-centric approach, and to find the right problem to solve. Through my independent one-man company 'Westbye Design', I've done a broad range of work within branding, digital, business development, service and experience design. I've gotten the chance to work with a variety of clients, ranging from smaller businesses and start-ups, to larger companies such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Bama. I've also worked from within agencies such as Brandlab and SixSides. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from Deakin University, and currently working towards a Master's in Digital Media Management through Hyper Island's part-time programs, a program designed to meet the need for people that can keep up with today’s rapidly changing digital society. Feel free to contact me with questions or enquiries!
Westbye Design
Owner, Graphic Designer, Art Director
2012 - Current
Independent one-man company. Doing work within branding, digital, business development, service and experience design. I've had the privilege of working with a large variety of clients, ranging from small businesses and start-ups, to larger companies such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Bama. I've also worked with agencies such as Brandlab, Heartbit and SixSides. ▬▬ Feel free to check out some of my previous work:
SixSides AS
Graphic Designer
2014 - Current
Ongoing freelance involvement, working as a graphic designer. Through SixSides, I've had the privilege of doing work for over ten different museums and exhibitions all across Norway. ▬▬ SixSides develops and constructs 3D environments and visitor experiences for museums, exhibitions, world fairs, trade conventions, customer centers, corporate headquarters etc.
Hyper Island
MA Digital Media Management,
2015 - 2016
Hyper Island is a creative business school and the DMM masters programme focuses on bridging design thinking and innovation with the business world. The course enpowers its students to be the change they want to see and provides the tools to make that change happen. Business strategy, leadership, team building and innovation make up the core of this alternative MBA. The program covers a broad range of topics, including: • Change Management • Transformational Leadership and Entrepreneurship • Business Strategy and Development • Branding and Communication • Creativity and Concept Generation • Project Management • Digital Development • User Experience: human interaction, design thinking and research • Group Dynamics and self-leadership The part-time program enables you to get a fully accredited Masters degree whilst working full-time.
Deakin University
BA Visual Communication Design,
2013 - 2013
Did my BA at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Studied broader applications of graphic design and visual communication in a multi-faceted contemporary environment. Gained theoretical knowledge important to positioning my own design practices in a global context. I undertook classes such as Global Design Strategies, Design and Society, Design Practice and Packaging Design.




Oslo, Norway


Project management


Design Thinking
Creative Direction
Art Direction
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