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Lean Startup Circle Los AngelesVietnam Organizer2016 - Current
The lean startup community has expanded rapidly since the first meetup group was started in 2009 by Rich Collins on June 26th, 2009. Today, the movement encompasses many different organizations and individuals around the world. The largest grassroots community organization is Lean Startup Circle which has meetups from Silicon Valley to Tokyo to Rio de Janiero to Palestine to Vietnam.
Hackers/FoundersVietnam Chapter Organizer2015 - Current
HackersFounders (as it’s now stylized) has grown to become a network of meetups for startup communities all around the world. HackersFounders chapters can now be found in 118 cities in 44 countries. In addition to meetups, HF also hosts educational classes, tech talks and other awesome events. The Hackers/Founders Co-op accelerator was launched in 2011 to provide concierge services to early-stage startups under a unique – and in our eyes, superior – business model Hackers/Founders Vietnam along with Angel Investors support Vietnamese startup and entrepreneur community. -
FasterCapitalRegional Partner2015 - Current
We envision a world in which no start-up should be left behind simply because of the lack of access to funding, mentorship and access to vital connections. We strive our very best to find, help and empower the next generation of value-driven and far-reaching start-ups and provide a one-stop solution to all the tech-based start-ups, irrespective of wherever they are.
Join us for a transformational personal journey in service to the most important shifts in our world! You and I live in a world of complexity and conflict, stretching from the personal to the global. And we also live in a time of accelerating, evolutionary change, with great breakthroughs in fields like science, sacred activism, spirituality, and peacemaking. You and I were born for this time, born to be catalysts for growth, healers of old wounds, leaders of a brighter tomorrow.
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