Shin-Yu (Cindy) Ho
About me
I graduated from highest ranked high school and university in Taiwan, and now I am pursuing Master in Management at Lund University. Apart from academy accomplishment, I challenge myself to acquire result-oriented approach in an entrepreneurial and international environment. Combined with political and business insights, my communication, analytical and leadership skills enable me to start my own business (ScoreMaster) and bring diversity to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle and Eastern Asia.
AIESEC in Lund
Marketing and Communications Assistant
2015 - 2016
‧ Persuaded companies to partnership to provide internship for foreign students; conducted business to business meetings ‧ Promote AIESEC brand on Facebook, Instagram and blog
Marketing and Public Relations Intern
2015 - 2015
‧ Led a team of 4 members from different countries; publicized promotional article in Great China and optimized it as top 5-searched document on Google with keyword “cart abandonment” in Chinese; corresponded with 18 online magazine journalists in 3 countries ‧ Initiated market development in Great China; formulated social media management and online exposure strategies
New York International Consulting & Management Co., Ltd
Assistant of General Manager
2013 - 2014
‧ Coordinated with Farglory Group, one of top 50 enterprises in Taiwan, facilitated their management and services of Farglory Hotel Hualien, and coached the hotel’s personnel to pass the SGS’s 5-star assessment ‧ Organized over 600 surveys of internal operations and management, and illustrated outcomes with exact figures
Co- Founder & Director of Communications and Public Relations
2014 - 2014
‧ Co-designed the application for facilitating students’ academic study; promoted the application to more than 10 mass media and on the spotlight of National Taiwan University’s webpage; number of users rose by 100% within 5 days ‧ Coordinated with Junyi Academy; co-organized a 2-month benevolent program to assist over 1500 low-achievement junior high school students to improve mathematics
NTU Baking Club
2013 - 2013
‧ Led a team of 40 officers to coordinate administrative, public relations, operational functions; delegated tasks for divisions; conducted monthly progress evaluations; recruited 80 members aged 19-26, from 5 different colleges ‧ Hosted weekly workshops, invited a chef with blue band to coach, coordinated with 3 external organizations, increased over 10,000 NTD revenue
Commerce Development Research Institute
2013 - 2013
‧ Completed foreign information research and analysis for Ministry of Economic Affairs to conduct the policy named “Create Commercial Spotlight, and Promote Consumption” ‧ Summarized over 20 effective materials of 4 neighbouring countries’ economic policies, included Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong
Pan Asia Model United Nations (PAMUN)
Public Relations Assistant
2012 - 2012
‧ Negotiated with 50+ enterprises; persuaded 30,000 NTD financial sponsorship ‧ Coordinated with a team of 10 members; received the Chairman of Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation, and Sisy Chen Wen-hsien, a Taiwanese well-known politician and TV commentator
Lund University
2015 - 2016
National Taiwan University
2011 - 2015
Major: International Relations; Extracurriculum: Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program
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