Concept Design
Graphic Design

Consultation for quality and successful apps, making pervasive games with a subversive attitude, following these principles:

Through emotions, apps create much better engagement then other media. The code triggers strong emotions, causing desired reactions and high retentions. It’s crucial for your success to get emotions right.
I turn code into emotions!

It’s essential to identify app’s core functionality and tune it’s mechanics to a perfection. Users appreciate a clean intetrface, focus on functionality and a frictionless performance.
I turn complexity into simplicity!

Making a perfect app, publishing it and waiting for success is not enough anymore. Nowadays it’s all about ASO, advertising, real-time user behaviour analysis, viral containers, quick iterations and multi platform support.
I turn technology into fast progress!

Carrot PopOwner2011 - Current
App / Game Development & Consultancy Services
Kunsthøgskolen i OsloNew Media Art Lecturer2003 - 2012
Responsible for new media courses, tutorials, teaching plans in new media field and student technical support. Instrumental role in Sound Study implementation. Curated and organized Young & Sound, Walking The Line, 24hour Sound Festival and FRWLL!! teaching projects, resulting in public presentations.
Academy of Fine Arts, PragueAssistant1996 - 2002
New Media Technology courses Technical Assistance for student projects Art Projects Consultancy / Tutorials System Administration System Design / Purchase
Academy of Fine Arts, PragueMFA, New Media1990 - 1997
New Media. Concept, Design, Coding, Presentation.