Graphic Design ( Web - User Interface for Softwares and Mobile Applications )

I am IT technician with many years’ experience and in addition to that I am co-founder of 10 years old Web Design and Development Company which I established with my wife who is PHP Senior Developer.

My education and experience is based on academic study but most of it comes from self-development within working experience and facing challenges and finding solutions and maintain a network of satisfied clients.

I started my career as a Graphic Designer then established my first business with a friend at the age 21. It was an Internet café and it was revolutionary domain to work in early 2000 where I started to love the computers networks and that led me to study MCSE and get certified by Microsoft. After few years I met my wife and we established our own Web Design and Development company where in addition  to that I kept offering IT services to all my former clients which I met through my previous jobs and created very good relationships with.

In all these years I worked in Design and IT fields as my CV shows, and I used to be a decision maker for financial issues, future plans, and marketing strategies next to my partners. I had to deal and communicate with clients personally, convince them with the options I offer and negotiate fees and eventually sell my products or services successfully and build a network of satisfied clients.

 I am also very good at creating design concepts and identities for products and companies too, and evaluate and criticize any given subject or material and estimate success chances in a highly competent environment.

I would be gladly available for further clarifications and hopefully this little introduction in addition to my certificates and experience will qualify me to the next stage in this application.

PlushögskolanTechnical High School, Agile Project Leader2016 - Current
Agile Project Leader