Machine Learning
Fullstack Development
Data Analysis

Analytical and proactive Sustainable Energy Engineer, with a flair for data science, machine learning and web development and a start-up mindset, passionate with learning and applying new technologies in order to solve a wide range of industry problems

JustBring A/SData Analyst (2 month internship)2017 - 2017
○ Optimisation algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem ○ Exploratory Data Analysis/Machine Learning for Financial Projections
Tendo A/SMachine Learning Engineer (2 month internship)2017 - 2017
○ Machine Learning algorithms to classify the gripping states of the robotic exosceleton ○ Time Series Analysis of the EMG signals to retrieve useful features
Brüel & Kjaer VibroMaster's student at the Diagnostics department2016 - 2016
I worked on the development of prognostic models estimating the fault progression of ball bearings via machine learning and statistical analysis.
UdacityFullstack Development Nanodegree, Fullstack Development Nanodegree2017 - Current
This is a hands-on course which equips me with a larger portfolio in the field of Fullstack Development.
DTUSustainable Energy MSc., Sustainable Energy 2015 - 2016
This was the second year of the joint Nordic Master's program "System Integration of Wind Power", which focussed on the electrical part of the wind energy technology.
NTNUSystem Integration of Wind Power MSc., Sustainable Energy2014 - 2015
This was the first year of the joint Nordic Master's program "System Integration of Wind Power", including courses on Power System Analysis, Power Electronics and Power Markets
University of PatrasMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Diploma, Mechanical Engineering2001 - 2007
This was a 5 year program, equivalent to a Bachelor's and Master's degree on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering