About"Founder and CEO of Huddlestock, a financial tech company based in Oslo and London. Phd, MIB and BA in Economics and Management. 7 years of experience as an entrepreneur, founding a couple of businesses. \n\nExtensive international experience. Have worked in financial services, in Riyadh, London and South Africa, Aker Solutions and at the Norwegian Foreign Affairs as a trainee. "
HuddlestockCEO and co-founder2014 - Current
Opening the Hedge Fund world for Everyone
Berker GroupOwner2012 - Current
Holding company
ZoaringBoardmember2015 - 2017
Cool company. Cool people.
Reemsys ASChairman & Co Founder2013 - 2017
Nominated to DNB Innovation Awards 2013. Ineosito AS (Sub Sea Services Group) acquired 51% of the company in 2017.
Mess&OrderChairman & Co Founder2014 - 2016
First private co-working space for entrepreneurs in Stavanger, Norway. 750 square metres of now more than 50 start-up companies and crazy people. Check out: www.messandorder.com