I’m a visual UI/UX designer with 10+ years experience. I specialize in digital product innovation, typography, rapid prototyping, data visualization and various ways of applying tech in the design process.

Prototyping is an essential part of my design process. So is user testing, conversation with team members and friends, drawing and visual design.

I strive to create clear and minimal digital services (web/native) built around human and business goals, that adapt and improve over time in an iterative development process.

I have an international background from graphic design, digital design, news/weather media industry, fine arts and advertising.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)UI/UX designer and engineer2014 - Current
Yr.no (2016–) * UI/UX design * Concept development * Prototyping and user testing * Web architecture News Graphics Desk (2014–16) * Visual storytelling, editorial design, data visualization * Collaboration with journalists, illustrators, animators * Front end server architecture with Docker/Node.js * Front end programming with React, Redux, d3, etc. * Project coordination
Studio Marius LundgårdIndependent graphic designer & web engineer2007 - 2014
During and after studies, I worked on various self-initiated as well as client projects: * Open-source contributions * Collaboration with the extremely talented people at NODE Berlin Oslo * Posters and flyers for cultural events in Oslo and Amsterdam * Type design of ‘Radikal’ and ‘Modig’ fonts * Typography and UI design for Dagens Næringsliv, DN.no * Weather data visualization and UI/UX design for Yr.no * Art direction and UI/UX design of the NRK Annual Report (print and digital)
NODE Berlin OsloGraphic designer & developer (freelancer)2009 - 2011
* Identity design * Type design * Web development of medium-sized web applications (mostly for cultural clients) Clients: Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Lofoten International Art Festival, Oslo Art Academy (Kunstakademiet)
Blast RadiusUI/UX designer (contractor)2008 - 2009
* Art direction and UI/UX design * Concept design for Michelin.com * Concept design for Nokia Ovi Store (Nokia’s mobile app store) Clients: Michelin, Nokia, Panténe
TRY/APTDesigner & art director2006 - 2007
* Concept development and art direction for various online ad campaigns * Annual report design * Service design (Yr.no) * Visual UI/UX design, typography and iconography * Concept pitches * Client communication and concept presentation Clients: Roskilde Festival, NRK, Yr, Get, TrygVesta, Color Line, Möllers Tran
odopodGraphic design & Flash development (internship)2005 - 2006
* Concept and design of international brand websites * ActionScript development and Flash animation * Prototyping in HTML and JavaScript * Contributions to the in-house ActionScript framework Clients: MTV, Nike Skateboarding, Nike Soccer, Yahoo
Gerrit Rietveld AcademieBachelor, Graphic Design2007 - 2010
* Specialized in conceptual graphic design, typography, type design and drawing * Experimented with film-making and hand-drawn animation * Designed the book ‘Kunst werkt’ (Terry Barrett, 2010) for Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten, in collaboration with Barbara Iwanicka * Thesis: ‘The Creative Power of Destruction’ (2009)
Hyper Island90KY, Digital Media Design2004 - 2006
* Courses in digital design, programming and design process management * Researched I/O development with physical objects and speech recognition (IoT) * Programming in C++, Flash, Processing, JavaScript, CSS and HTML