About"After 20 years of starting concepts and startups, I have become the creative, innovative and all-in entrepreneur with the focus and experience needed to deliver. \n\nI have been a part of the early introduction to programmatic buying via a startup in 2005, and delivered an eCommerce platform for user generated fashion magazines with a social shopping engine while Norway was all about \"rosabloggere\". My username on Instagram is \"Lise\" and I was the second Norwegian user on Foursquare. \n\nMy main experience is from guiding products through a full life cycle, both from the editorial- and the IT-business. The eCommerce platform mentioned above was a derivation from me working with Din Pris, a comparison engine I wanted to turn it into a Social Shopping Engine. The idea was turned down, but I got the opportunity to pitch the idea that became Flingly, my first eCommerce-project. We called it \"Shopping Through Stories\", and worked with international fashion bloggers like Louise Roe, affiliates to create shop-in-shop-solutions and brands like Dior, Rezidor, H&M and Fiat (Gucci-model). \n\nCommercial with integrity, with the user close to heart. \n\n\n"
Miss MerchFounder2014 - Current
Miss Merch is a helping hand and a high quality supply chain for locally produced band merchandise, bridging the gap between the supply and demand for fans and bands on tour. A mixed breed, one part Kickstarter, one part Airbnb. Funded by Innovation Norway.
FINN.noProduct Owner2012 - 2014
Pitching and leading the development and coordination of The Donut Factory, a drag and drop CMS with the flexibility to edit on the fly. Omnichannel ready, sending data through API. Made for programmatic buying and content creation. Flexible and expandable to suit unlimited types of content and advertising by using drag and drop også for building templates.
FlinglyCo-founder and CTO2009 - 2012
Initiated the birth of Flingly. Started working with the planning and strategy for platform and users. Coordinating an outsourcing team in Russia, using snippets from web pages/platforms for inspiration and establishing a mutual understanding cross-border. Responsibility for deliveries and tasks, adjusting team, keeping track of hours used, coordinating with internal resources and executives. Finding and contacting key content creators (articles, design, editorial), creating content and interviewing up and coming bloggers from around the world, cross-linking and improving SEO. Establishing partnerships with leading affiliate market providers, creating shop-in-shop for established brands on Flingly.
Eniro, Din PrisBusiness Developer2009 - 2009
Working with DinPris, a price comparison shopping engine. Pitching a case for how to transforming DinPris into a social shopping engine ala Kaboodle.
Eniro, Gule SiderProduct Developer2008 - 2009
Working with commercial goods on Yellow pages in Norway. Price strategy, improvements, and supporting sales and customers with technical and creative input on how to use content marketing onsite. Example customers: Grete Roede and NAF.
AdicateBusiness Manager 2006 - 2008
Startup for advertising in the SMB-market, creating a CMS for hourly advertising on a fixed spot. An early introduction to programmatic advertising and RTB.
Elektrostat FestivalPR and Marketing, partner2000 - 2003
Electronic music festival started to give Norwegian underground acts from the Synth-, EBM- and Industrial scene a live opportunity.
FreelanceEditor1998 - 2003
Freelance journalist and editor, print, online and radio. Some clients: Øyafestivalen, Cappelen Damm Forlag, Carlings. One of four writers for, a website about norwegian music, nominated to Alarm-prisen. Worked closely with Arvid Skancke-Knutsen and Willy B on several projects.
Preik RadioEditor and Host2002 - 2003
Started a radio show in the afterglow of terminating Band members were invited on the show as co-hosts for an hour, and brought their own music and told stories around their choices. It was genre related, so the listeners could get a deep dive into the genre, alongside learning more about the band.
Ajer Videregående Skole, 2000 - Current