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About"Energetic and ambitious with a reach for the stars mentality. Currently looking for the opportunity to help create the next big business success from the ground up.\nMy view of success is two pronged - to contribute value to any project whilst personally growing through pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I enjoy getting my hands dirty, and thrive being in the thick of it; especially when it presents a challenge, as this is where new ideas flourish and personal development grows. I am a creative thinker, but also disciplined in terms of deadlines.\n\nWith an educational background in Marketing and Communications plus experience in Project and Data Management with a major international corporation, I have recently decided to explore my passion for being creative and to focus on entrepreneurship. \nOn the side I have recently started Scane; a company for several digital initiatives, which just set up its first PI website as a vehicle to expand my knowledge about SEO, online content generation, digital marketing and growth through practical hands on experience."