EMA Partners is one of the largest executive search firms in the world. Our 50 offices in six continents are dedicated in satisfying the senior executive search and talent management need of our clients. Since 1988, EMA Partners has built an expanding global partnership of executive search professionals. The firm supports clients across all industries within the public and private sectors, supporting small to mid size organizations as well as multinationals and Fortune 1000 companies.
Branch (www.branchservice.com)Partner2002 - Current
Grow sales, develop markets. Internationalization & sales outsourcing network through more than 50 senior consultants, located in more than 20 countries. Branch supports companies that want to internationalize their business. Our main services are market evaluation, market entry, lead generation and sales outsourcing. We believe that the sales function is an essential component of any business plan when entering new markets – either to partners or to your future clients. Our focus is not simply to come up with “good advices” but to roll up our sleeves and proactively help you to sell your product/service -> “execution”. www.branchservice.com