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The Th. Marthinsen Silver Factory was established in 1883 and is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electroplated silver and fine silverware in Scandinavia. In addition to our administrative staff, the factory employs craftsmen involved in all aspects of silversmithing. Our creative craftsmen, artisans and designers are hand-picked to become part of the Th. Marthinsen team, further the quality of the company and stay true to our historical legacy and core values. We are firmly established as leaders in the Norwegian market and this position allows us to preserve our heritage by producing articles of the highest quality. Th. Marthinsen Our customers include jewellers, hotels, restaurants, and cruise liners, to name just a few. We supply silver cups and medals to major sporting events in Norway including the King's Cup which is awarded to the national champion in a range of sports. The medals and silver for both the Oslo Olympic Games in 1952 and the Lillehammer Olympic Games in 1994 were made and supplied by the Th. Marthinsen Silver Factory. In recognition of our commitment to quality, we are the established suppliers of sterling silver to the Norwegian Royal Family and royal residences. Many of the best hotels in Norway use our EPNS (electroplated new silver) cutlery and hollowware. Cruise ships from the Norwegian America Line and Royal VikingLine used silver from Th. Marthinsen and today you will find our products on a SeaDream Yacht and within few years on the famous Four Seasons luxury cruise liner. Th. Marthinsen Silver Factory holds approximately 60% of home market sales and is the primary supplier of electroplated silver (EPNS) to the hotel and restaurant branch in Norway. The standard quality of such items is EPNS 90 gr, meaning that the thickness of silverplating is 20 micron, but we also supply other qualities on request and our in-house designers are happy to incorporate the client's logo into one of our designs.