Business Inteligence
About"My name is Giovanni Capolupo and I am a master student of Direzione e consulenza d'impresa at the University of Modena (Italy). On December 2013 I graduated as bachelor in Economics at the University of Salerno with a final degree of 96/110 and from April 2014 to July 2014 I have spent an internship period at the Foundation Temi Zammit in La Valletta (Malta) as a project manager assistant.\nMy field of interest concerns project management, financial management, project planning, strategic analysis, partner searching and communication activities.\nI am the person that you are looking for because I am motivated and enthusiastic, since in my every day life I am involved in different projects wheter at the university or for the association which I belong to. I am a member of the direction counsil of the volunteering association of my town, implied in different cultural activities. \nI am a flexible person, since I have experienced different kinds of work, such as waiter, barman, after-school teacher and credit broker; I can adapt to every kind of place and situation. I can work alone or in a team, since I can make decisions on my own but I like also to collaborate with other people with different expertises, in order to reach a common task.\nI'm aware that companies are made of people, so I like working but I like also enjoying life with my friends and travelling. Then, this experience in your company could be a good chance for me to improve my knowledge and my skills, so I am sure that I am your person."