AboutMy name is Frederick V. Richard, the idea of starting with insects protein farming emerged on a road trip in France questioning my future in IT companies (Yes i left bugs for bugs!).
I have been conducing research on the possibility of rearing insects in Norway for a year before even approaching people about this project.
Only after studying the feasibility of the project i started to gather 1 partner, which leaded to 2 other partners with scientific and entrepreneurship/leadership background. Our team is now composed with Elena, Pål and Espen.
We then started our first pilot site in an old farm (not a garage) with just 6kg of larvae to ensure we gathered enough knowledge on rearing insects under specific conditions.
Today we have a cattle of ca 1/2 tonne and will keep growing til the end of the year as we plan to expand our production.
Nordic Food Supplements ASCEO2016 - Current
The Nordic Food Supplements AS (NFS) produces mealworms destined for food industry, animal feeding, plants nutrition. Our focus is oriented towards B2B market, we provide: - Live, dried and powder mealworms to farms, pets shops, zoos and specific food markets. - Frass (insects poop) is a very rich nutrient for plants which we intend to sale to plant shops and also on a stand alone webshop However NFS AS is also a wholesaler of dried larvae to niche markets/direct consumer.