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● I am a graduate in English Linguistics and Literature, Universitat de Barcelona (2010-2014) and I have a Master's degree in Cognitive systems and Interactive Media, Universitat Popmeu Fabra (CSIM). I am currently working as UX Consulant for a consultancy firm in Barcelona, although I am also a passionate writer (here you can check some of my writings


● Languages and Literature are not my only interests, during my 3rd year in college I began to be more and more interested in technology and cognitive science, so I decided to take a private course on statistics and programming tools while I was still attending college and working as a Ballet teacher.


●  I was accepted in the Interdisciplinary Master in on Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (CSIM), in Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (2014-2015). In this master I met many people with completely different backgrouds; Engineers, Mathematicians, Psycologists, Neurologists, Biologists, Linguists... We all worked together and made the best of our own skills: we shared our knowledge and taught others what we knew. We managed to build amazing projects in the following fields: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Education and enterainment, and Learning disabilities.


● After finishing the Masters I got the opportunity to work on  Music Therapy and the  Autism Spectrum Disorder. How could we know what goes on in our brains when we listen to music? How can we analyse and represent incredibly extense amounts of physiological data? Machine Learning (Big data) was definitely the answer for us. 


» Once I had considered all the oportunities that lay ahead, I decided to undertake a new challenge as a UX Consultant at King-eClient where I can keep evolving and learning everyday thanks to participating in international and national projects.  

King-eClientUX Consultant and content marketer2015 - Current
✔PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Team organization and coordination (Design, development, consultancy) - Expectation management - Optimal resource management ✔USER EXPERIENCE - Information architecture - Conceptualization (wireframing) - Customer journey optimization - User testing (Desktop and mobile eye tracking tests) - Mock up creation (Axure) - Focus groups and individual interviews with key users - Implementation of e-commerce systems ( integration of automatic delivery systems in Wordpress) ✔INNOVATION WORKSHOPS' MANAGEMENT - Monthly workshops' organization and coordination - Innovative trends research - Ensuring the sessions' quality standards ✔CONTENT CREATION & SEO - Content optimization for Search engines (SEO) - Creation and revision of corporate content (sales-oriented) - Script writing (for corporate videos) ✔ANALYSIS & OPTIMIZATION - Creating and improving automatized Dashboards (Google analytics add-on) - KPI definition and ROI analysis - Market strategy design
Universitat Pompeu FabraCognitive Systems and Interactive Media, IT and Psychology2014 - 2015
Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media. It was an interdisciplinary master which gathered people with very different backgrounds: Engineering, Linguistics, Psychology, and Audiovisuals. Most of the time we were asked to work in teams, everybody's skills and knowledge were needed. We carried out projects related to the field of Artifical intelligence (Machine Leaning), Education and entertainment (app design), Virtual reality and UX (Oculus Rift). During the master, each student was independently working on his/her master thesis with the help of a specialized supervisor. I personally worked with music therapy tools for Autism, we validated the influence of the therapy using Machine Learning tools (supervised method) for analysig participants' EEG signal (electroencephalogram). Were participants really moved by different music genres and styles? Was it visible in their brain signals?
Universitat de BarcelonaEnglish studies, English Literature and Linguistics2010 - 2014
We were trained in literary criticism, formal Linguistics, Second Language acquisition (SLA) and creative writing.
Universidad Internacional Menéndez PelayoCourse in new technologies and Autism, IT and Psychology2014 - 2014
UIMP and MIT collaborated to elaborate a course on how technology helps children with autism.
University College CorkEnglish Literature, European Cinema and Literature2012 - 2013
We were trained in Feminist and Post-colonial Literature, European Cinema, and Irish History.