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Graphic designer with passion for the visual identity. I enjoy spending my time efficiently and trying to achieve the best possible result in the end. Mostly I'm skilled in graphic design field and illustrations. I have been working with various projects and gaining different understanding how small aspects of design can make a big difference.

From traditional art I've moved to digital and since then I have a wide collection of illustrations in my portfolio. Usually I work with photoshop or illustrator, but I'm more than happy to learn new techniques or try some useful tools.

Other than that I dedicate my time improving UX skills. I'm excited to combine technical methods together with graphical content. I'm trying to understand user and solve all the possible issues that he might face. Wireframing, exploring infographics and doing endless researcher gives me a lot of new ways to grow in my field and deepen my knowledge.

I might also include understanding how marketing works, HTML/CSS skills, Unity and photography skills.

I think I have a lot of creativity inside me. I never struggle to start creating new graphics or illustrations. All it takes it's time and some guidance. I enjoy having people opinion and suggestions, it always gives new colors to the final work.

More about my works you can find here:

Trophy Games ApsLead graphic designer2016 - 2017
My job was to make visuals and prepare designs for the WSL (Women's soccer league) game. I've been working with brochures, icons, creating game identity and logo. I've been communicating with researchers, marketing specialists and preparing graphic material for presentations, editing photos and etc. I was responsible for the app store visuals (google play, iOS, windows stores and facebook). Also I had some tasks that included creating promotional banners for the other company game. Overall I had many different tasks where I was able to reveal my creative abilities. Working with Unity, creating graphical content, ensuring best UX, editing photos and being a good team player.
Desk Research GroupGraphic Designer2016 - 2016
Creating brochures, presentation, visual identity, logo.