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About"I am constantly driven to create new products which solve problems, develop them and make them self-sustaining. My biggest passion is, as nerdy as it sounds, data. I see it as the fuel that will power the incredible world our generation is currently building - it is a powerful, transformational force of nature which we are only starting to take advantage of. \n\nAs a science-fiction geek, I imagine daily the countless ways data can be wrangled and used to help people and am looking for people just as passionate and imaginative as myself to make this happen."
Moonwalk TomorrowCo-owner and co-founder, MoonwalkTomorrow2015 - Current
Built 9 startup projects and 6 startups in 2015 with Moonwalk Tomorrow: a small group of people invested in Norway's future. 5 of the projects were completely funded by the end of the year. Collaborated with NTNU Accel. Ran workshops and informational sessions with Oslo Business Region and Innovation Norway's Drømmeløftet. Marine Data and Analytics project champion and Business Model Developer.
Thomson ReutersProduct Manager, Point Connect (Financial and Risk)2008 - Current
Starting from scratch, operationally developed a 3,000,000 EUR/year data feed, with average revenue growth of nearly 100% per year over the past four years. Constructed and executed product development and positioning strategies. Designed and led product development projects. Led team in customer relationship management, product support, problem analysis, and resolution. Managed collaborations and complex issues. Advised IT on issues related to product as technical expert. Advised analytics teams as data, metadata, and process expert. Promoted product externally and internally.