Dahee Jung
About me


My name is Dahee Jung, a 30 years old female from South Korea. I am holding a working holiday visa so I can legally work full time for 9 months from the start date. I am willing to work for trading or sales & marketing support.




I quit my job but love it very much so I would like to look for a job in trading or marketing & sales support as I had done in my home country. The reason why I left company and came to Denmark is to experience a new world. Denmark is getting popular for its social welfare and good living environment  in Korea. Especially, I was impressed by that Denmark was ranked the happiest country in the world. I would like to meet a lot of people and make this chance to motivate myself to step on another stage.




I am friendly, easy going, adaptable and a good team player. Korean companies have more specific departments and system than other foreign countries so sometimes it feels more bossy. There are more things needed as team work, and I always tried my best to balance among people and work. I have a lot of work experience. I had to handle with many tasks at the same time and know the actual market of sales. I am not only a hard worker, but also a quick learner for both work and languages. I can speak Korean, English, Chinese fluently and have a plan to take a Danish course so I believe my Danish would be improved soon. Moreover, I have been to 26 countries through over 20 times since I was little. This experience would help me adjust to working abroad.






Before I arrived in Denmark, I had worked in trading companies for almost 2 years. The duty of trading Department in Korea varies from logistics, export and import including international sales.


I learned trading work so fast that started to handle complicated and a lot of work as a junior trader in a very short time at the first company. I dealt with 20 global client companies: negotiation, corresponding, customs clearance, participating in exhibitions, solving customers’ complaints, etc. I was in charge of not only foreign firms, but also marketing & sales support so I took part in setting up marketing strategies and analyzing sales data.






KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration) demands regulations so highly that you can see much less foreign food in Korea. My company had a plan to launch new cheese powder but the sample was stuck in customs at the airport because of a lack of documents. The exporting company was in America, and they did not understand why it is required to submit complicated inexperienced documents since there has been no problem with general documents to other countries. I explained about the documents specifically and get the cheese sample faster than the company expected. Moreover, I could succeed in negotiation for the lowest price for cheese in spite of the seller’s opposition at the first time. I analyzed a sales data and figured the present condition of increased demand in cheese market in Korea out and informed them a marketing strategy for it. Through this data, the seller finally agreed with negotiation. Several ingredients could not meet KFDA’s regulations, and I also tried to switch them to other proved ingredients in a quick time. I also was in part of launching a new item: Hershey’s chocolate chip cookies. These days, a convenient store market is massively growing in Korea, and the most of the customers are young from 10s to 30s. They prefer light snacks for their busy work or studying but there was no foreign cookies ever. My team and the marketing team discussed it for a long time and decided to launch Hershey’s cookies. Those got popular and even posted on the famous facebook page in Korea. Sadly, I incredibly enjoyed working there but should have quit because the company’s relocation.




*It is possible to check many reviews about Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookies here: https://search.naver.com/search.naver?sm=tab_hty.top&where=post&oquery=%ED%97%88%EC%89%AC+%ED%8E%B8%EC%9D%98%EC%A0%90&ie=utf8&query=%ED%97%88%EC%89%AC+%EC%BF%A0%ED%82%A4+%ED%8E%B8%EC%9D%98%EC%A0%90






I kept working as a trader at a popular feed company which the headquarter is placed in U.S.A. I corresponded with the headquarter and dealt with customs clearance. In this company, my work was also deeply related with market like being a representative for calls from customers’ inquiries & complaints, supporting sales department and setting aggressive marketing strategies because our products have been rapidly growing in Korea. I found many customers had wanted to try the sample first and then purchased feed. In addition, Korean pet market is growing and pet owners prefer making special memories with pets. Thus, I prepared many various samples in K-Pet fair and got a survey what kind of taste they wanted to try and what they thought about my future events like a picnic with pets, taking a gorgeous picture at a photo studio and taking lectures about our products and raising pets. The exhibition was successfully done with a lot of good reviews and the company is now launching new items of good repute. The company also planning to organize the events above which I reported before leaving company.




*It is possible to check many reviews about the exhibition and the launched items here: https://search.naver.com/search.naver?where=post&query=%EB%84%A4%EC%9D%B4%EC%B2%98%EC%8A%A4%EB%B2%84%EB%9D%BC%EC%9D%B4%EC%96%B4%ED%8B%B0&ie=utf8&st=date&sm=tab_opt&date_from=&date_to=&date_option=0&srchby=all&dup_remove=1&post_blogurl=&post_blogurl_without=&nso=so%3Add%2Ca%3Aall%2Cp%3Aall&mson=0






Despite of working in companies, I also had participated in marketing programs for college students by big Korean companies such as SAMSUNG, LOTTE, SPC, etc. My marketing idea about a cookie and an ice cream was reflected to a market. Moreover, I had worked in a variety of sales and customer-related fields such as a toy shop, a café, a restaurant and a hostel for 4 years. This experience helped me have knowledge of customers’ need and actual sales situation.




I guarantee myself of a passionate and diligent person as Koreans are known so as well. I prefer trading / sales & marketing support but am ready to try any position offered.

Nature's Variety
Junior Trader (International Sales)
2016 - 2016
U.S.A Feed Company
Misung Family Co. Ltd
Junior Trader (International Sales)
2015 - 2015
Food Trading Compnay
Kwangwoon University
2005 - 2009
Chinese Studies, English Literature marjos




Copenhagen, Denmark




MS Office
Customs Clearance