Charles Bara
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Eight years of experience in online content management; Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and in Philosophy; Highly emphatic team player with strong social competencies; Structured and solution-oriented working style.

Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Deputy Head of CSS Resources
2016 - Current
Overseeing the general operations of the Resources portion of the CSS Website. Planning and controlling the team resources. Optimization of team processes and quality controlling team products and services. Maintaining and further developing the CSS' Digital Library -- Cataloguing, writing short summaries for all the publications and uploading them onto the CSS website using the CQ5/AEM System. Oversee and lead the daily featuring of CSS Resources content, that involves formatting and posting on daily basis. Regularly canvassing partner websites for new materials and upcoming events.
Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion in Pune, India
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Philosophy
2004 - 2006
The Faculty of Philosophy aims at evolving a Christian philosophical vision that promotes personal, social and ecological well-being. It mainly: promotes familiarity with the different philosophical traditions of the world with special focus on the local philosophies of India; evolves an integral understanding of the humanperson, the world and the divine, from interdisciplinary and subaltern perspectives, in the context of the enriching and challenging diversity of cultures, languages, religions, ideologies, people’s movements and the impact of natural and social sciences; and develops the facility for creative thinking imbued with experiences and to foster an open-minded and mutually enriching dialogue, leading to a transformative praxis.
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