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KonjektCEO & Co-founder2013 - Current
I really believe Konjekt has a product that will impact peoples lives. Konjekt is a smart search tool. There are two things Konjekt does different than other Search tools in the market: Number one: the way we are living today, information is not only in one place (your computer). Information is spread all over, in emails, cloud storage providers, social medias, communication tools, apps etc. You want one tool that allows you to search across all platforms without you have to change your whole life. Number two: There are three different ways that people like to find information: - Time access (when they have used the file) - Geo tag access (where they have used the file) - File type access Konjekt uses appealing UI that allows you to search using the four access on everything, anywhere in your digital life is. Konjekt aims to make information effortless!