Hey, thank you for visiting my profile! Let me introduce myself a bit :)

Most of the times I feel like beeing something like the ultimate generalist. It's not that there is nothing I am an expert in, I just find it difficult to point at a specific academic field or corporate function. 

From my academic and - although rather little - professional background I became very good in adapting, learning, and putting questions in the perspective of mutliple viewpoints. 

My bachelor degree almost consisted of a full new set of lectures and practical applications each semester, ranging from operations research to international management and marketing and sales.

And the master program I am currently taking makes it even worse, putting everything in the context of building companies! Fortunately, I like that very much! :)

When working in a team, I often find myself to be a mediator between different opposing positions, thus avoiding circular discussions. That's why I contribute most by applying a no-nonsense execution approach. 

The whole misery started when I was born in Germany. There I did my bachelor's including an exchange in the Basque Country. I truly believe in the strength of cultural diversity, although it is very hard to leverage. But this is the reason I wanted to do my whole master degree in a foreign country, and I ended up in the beautiful Norway. 

Here I live, learn Norwegian, study and am so fortunate to have the possibility to go out there and build a company alongside my studies. 

I am looking forward to getting into contact with open minded and honest people who want to move something :) 

Nordic Lynx ASBoard member and Head of Finance2017 - Current
- very early stage - floating role distribution - non-tech physical product
Härter Stanztechnik GmbHLogistics Planner for interntional projects2015 - 2016
- material and information flow analysis - analysation and restructuring of business processes in intra-logistics - layout design - Germany and USA
University of OsloMaster of Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship2016 - Current
- challenging and torturing: very accurate introduction into the life of a startup owner - hands-on approach to building teams with a high ability to execute - equipping with the necessary tools and theory to build growth companies
Pforzheim University of Applied SciencesBachelor of Science, Business Administration & Engineering - International Management2011 - 2015
- very broad range of contents in both business administration and engineering - focus on international and intercultural management - exchange semester in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) - tutor for younger semesters: help and preparation in intergrating a semester abroad - co-founding a student association to foster the entrepreneurial initiative of students - writing my thesis at a company about layout design based on material and information flows