About"I am an International marketing and sales management student, who is looking for the internship. In my opinion, I would fit in your environment, because I have already some experience in marketing and sales field. During my studies, I took different electives and workshops, which gave me more knowledge, how to handle marketing and sales in different situations, also, to support my studies I have been working in different places, doing all kinds of work. It just proves, that I am not afraid from work and take new challenges, and ready to learn new things anytime. I always listen carefully requirements or needs before starting doing work. Also I am open minded and ready to share my ideas if needed, which might be useful for company. My motto is: “Complaining is pointless. Either act or forget” which proves, that I will do my best to do the work as it is required. If I have started something, I will always finish it."
Københavns Tjener BureauWaitress2015 - Current
Working in KTB, has given me a lot of experience how to work in different situations, in different events and how to deal with customers. Københavns Tjener Bureau offers jobs in different places- mostly helping in huge events to serve people. Also company has gave me opportunity to work in the "Arken" restaurant kitchen, having different tasks, to understand how to help other cooks, be able to work in stressful situations, and having a keen eye for each detail.
L'OréalVikar / Forklift operator2014 - Current

International Marketing and sales management