I'm a developer with 15 years of experience in different technologies: both server side, and client side.
Since 2012 I’m working with node.js. My current primary techs are based on MEAN stack. And additionally, I have deep knowledge of SQL-databases (since 2001). I have extensive experience with backends in node.js in several projects (about 20), including preparing complete production environment.


As a proof of my knowledges of node.js and REST, you can have a look at my RESTful framework: https://github.com/vedi/restifizer. It supports 2 different data sources: Mongoose (MongdoDb), Sequelize ( the bunch of SQL servers).




I have a good experience in the remote job (last 4 years) and lead the team working. More detailed information and some references about me can be found there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fedor-shubin-5bbaab4a

VedideVCEO2012 - Current
I'm full-stack developer and lead my own team of developers.
Development management of the project for the foreign customer: * manage the work of the development team * participate in creating of project plan * participate in aligning of customer requirements * coordinate interaction with other departments * monitor and improve the quality of the solutions
* manage the work of Java Developers (7-20) * keep in touch and coordinate remote developers * define technology of development process * participate in creating of project plan * participate in aligning of customer requirements * interview candidate developers
*******, Ltd (gamedev) -- Information technology/system integration Manager of the department of the server application development2008 - 2010
* manage the Department of Java developers (> 10), * one of the key developers of MMORPG www.*******.ru (rescue the project from the "emergency" status and its deployment to the production environment), * manage the game project for social networks, * design and implementation the server side of the social network games, * performance optimization and refactoring in critical concurrent multi-threading environment, * achieve the high availability of the server, * create and integrate the server architecture, * participate in creating of project plan * participate in aligning of the requirements * interview candidate developers
* manage the team of Delphi-developers and participate in development of the payment system, * manage and implement project for the contract accounting, * manage and implement project for the accounting of the business of a transport company, * analyze and align customer requirements, create the plans of the projects.
* participate in the implementation of the solution for business of the transport company, * align customer requirements
RGTEEU (Russian state university of trade and economics: www.rsute.ru)Master degree, Information technologies in economics1998 - 2003
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