CarmaSenior Mobile Software Engineer2015 - Current
https://www.gocarma.com/ - Developing mobile apps with different native platforms: iOS/swift, Android/Java, Titanium/javascript using reactive frameworks (ReactiveX, ReactiveCocoa), unit testing, MVVMC, dependency injection and cutting edge design and architecture paradigms - UX Usability Tests and user research in our San Francisco HQ - Team building workshops using improv theatre techniques - Internal speeches and presentations about code writing style, and design thinking methodologies
FreelanceWorkshop Facilitator, User Experience Designer2011 - Current
design thinking, and co-design workshop facilitator and User Experience Designer Facilitation Workshop, Requisite gathering, User Journey, Personas, StakeHolder Analysis, Empathy Maps, Mockups, Flows, Prototyping, Interviews, Usability Test, Card Sorting, Affinity Maps, Storyboards and many other methodologies used for Brainstorming, Co-Design and Design Thinking sessions. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Trained LSP Facilitator *** Organization: Intranet Management - founded by Giacomo Mason Clients: Fastweb Team: Giacomo Mason, Cristina Lavazza, Raffaella Roviglioni, Alessio Ricco - Facilitation Workshop: "Using Fastweb intranet in mobility",2014 - Design: Fastweb Intranet Mobile App *** Organization: Co-Design JAM Roma Role: Workshop Facilitator Events: - "Social Design for Urban Change", Nov 2015 - Global Service Jam - Mar 2013 - Global Service Jam - Feb 2012 - Global Sustainability Jam - Oct 2011 - Design Jam Roma "La Banca del tempo di Roma" - Jul 2011 - Global Service Jam Roma - Mar 2011 *** Organization: World Usability Day Roma Speaker: "Co-design tools and techniques", World Usability Day, Rome (IT), Nov 2015 Facilitator: World cafè: "Riqualificazione dell’Ex Miralanza - Casa Della Città", Nov 2014 *** Organization: Carma Usability Test: testing Carma Ridepool app (beta) with users, interviews and reporting to the UX team, Carma, Aug 2015 *** Organization: Nicola Zingaretti Facilitation Workshop: "Building a shared platform for the election programme" - Nicola Zingaretti 2012 Strategic Consulting for Nicola Zingaretti (website design and social media strategy), 2011 *** Organization: Nois3 Kickstart Facilitation Workshop : "define together the company values", nois3 - 2013 *** Organization: Dominiando Business Analysis: Requisite gathering for a Domain name register. Rethinking UI/UX and interactions, dominiando 2013 *** Organization: Accademia Informatica Business Analysis: Requisite gathering for the new website and CRM, Accademia Informatica, 2011
FreelanceTeacher and Trainer2011 - Current
***May the listening be with you!: improv exercises. Workshop within the Italian Information Architecture Summit in collaboration with Raffaella Roviglioni. Bologna, October 2015 ***Improv.e UX: improving your soft skills with improv Workshop within the European Information Architecture Summit (EuroIA), in collaboration with Raffaella Roviglioni. Madrid, September 2015 ***Improv.e UX: team building games Internal workshop for City CarShare. San Francisco (USA), August 2015 ***Improv.e UX: team building games Internal workshop for Carma. Cork (IE), August 2015 *** Introduction to Titanium Mobile Workshop for Grameen Solution, Dhaka (Bangladesh), February 2015 ***Responsive Relationships: improv exercises. Workshop within the Italian Information Architecture Summit in collaboration with Raffaella Roviglioni. Bologna, November 2014 *** Online Guide "Guida a Titanium", a series of 19 articles published on HTML.IT, 2014 *** Webinar "Introduzione a SWIFT, il nuovo linguaggio Apple", organised by Codemotion. July 2014 *** Webinar "Il lato oscuro della forza. L’eterna lotta tra progettisti e team di sviluppo", organized by Architecta. February 2014. ***Workshop "Improv.e UX" with Raffaella Roviglioni. A day-long workshop applying improv techniques and methods to improve soft skills of UX practitioners. September 2013 ***Training Course "Programming ASP.NET" - Ministero dell'Interno, Roma - Leadtech, 2013 ***Workshop "Crowdfunding per il gaming" with Ciro Continisio, Crowdfuture, October 2012 ***Seminar "cross-platform development" - Master in mobile apps - University of Pisa, July 2012 ***Certification Training Course "TCD Titanium Certified Developer" - Etnatraining - several times from 2012 to 2014 ***Training Course "Programming C# and ASP.NET" - Leadtech, April 2011