SOFIA LTDFull Stack Developer2015 - Current
SOFIA - an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven app that helps STEM students and professionals enhance their understanding and confidence. At SOFIA together with our brilliant team and our CEO Edouard Siregar, a physicist and mathematician who've spent 17 years working at NASA, we are building an artificial intelligence application which helps STEM students improve their understanding and focus on two critical skills which AI will never replace, creative problem solving and critical thinking. With brilliance and 30+ years experience in this field, mister Edouard is an example to all of us and it's pleasure helping him pursue his life mission, changing the way we learn. Working with mister Edouard is one of the most amazing experiences in my life. This experience allowed me to understand how human brain works and by following some mathematical theorems, understand and improve my thinking process and how I approach problems and how I solve them. At SOFIA, together with our team, I've built an application prototype and currently we are in a process of talking to investors etc.
ThinkfulCareer Path Mentor2016 - Current
At Thinkful, I feel like a "factory" producing new developers. I work as a full stack mentor (professor in some way), producing new developers from ground up, teaching them development all the way from HTML and CSS up to creating full stack applications in JS stack. Besides new contacts and amazing feeling I get whenever my students get jobs, I personally evolve a lot as well, my knowledge is being enforced by many new ways of doing things and it's incredible how much you can learn by teaching. Besides teaching and coding, I'm involved in helping the curriculum team and in general I'm involved in anything that helps improving our mentoring experience and the company itself.