Startupmatcher AS, (SUM) uses cookies to adapt and develop our digital services (hereinafter also referred to collectively as "digital solutions"). Cookies are small information files that are stored on your computer that typically store your choices and preferences made in our digital solutions.

Startupmatchers use of cookies

We primarily use cookies for analysis purposes, including the ability to measure traffic and the general use of our services. For marketing purposes, we use cookies to be able to target content and ads. It also enables us to control how many times a single ad is displayed to a user. Furthermore, we use cookies to improve the technical functionality and quality of our pages. Some examples of what we use cookies to:

a) General Statistics for our digital solutions
b) User ID to look up to who you are
c) "Remember Me" functionality for login
d) Access control (to provide access to digital solution)
e) An overview of the newsletters you subscribe to
f) Effect Measurement for advertisers

Different kinds of cookies

There are several types of cookies, which we use in our digital solutions.

Session cookies:

Session dependent cookies are immediately deleted when you close your browser. We primarily use these cookies to register that you are on our digital solutions, and to help you navigate.

Persistent cookies:

We primarily use these cookies to retrieve information about authentication, language settings, and other preferences and choices. Persistent cookies are are not deleted when you close your browser, but in a later specified expiration date or when you remove them manually. We use persistent cookies to make our digital solutions faster and better suit your preferences the next time you log on. We further use permanent cookies to remember your login details and to track your usage of SUM.

Third-party cookies:

We also use third-party cookies that can be both permanent and session dependent. Advertisers may set cookies used in advertisements on our digital solutions (such as Google Analytics / GTM, Chart Beat, Enreach). Moreover, if you click on links provided by third parties, the terms of such third party sites apply, including their terms of cookies. We allow advertisers to place cookies with us to measure the effectiveness of their ads. This is limited to anonymous data and is not be traced back to you as a person. We have strict guidelines for how such third parties may use data about our visitors Guidelines state that advertisers are not able to track user behavior and based on this build profiles for targeted marketing. The guidelines determine that advertisers are not able to track user behavior and based on this build profiles for targeted marketing. In very few cases, SUM give consent to use the collected data for marketing purposes, such as retargeting activities for a limited period.

Closing of cookies

You can always shut off the cookies by selecting this in your browser. Please note that there are tools that can identify and / or give you an overview of what cookies are on the pages you visit. To find out more about cookies:


Please note that some of our features or services will not work if you choose to turn off cookies. Your browser will for example not remember your credentials automatically if you have turned off cookies.