The combination of using surplus food and marginalized youth
Oslo, Norway
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2-10 employees
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Oslo, Norway

KOMPASSMAT comes out of Kompass & Co and is a recruitment Company for youths at risk between the age of 15 and 25. We started because we could no longer stand by and watch every third Norwegian youth drop out of high school. And the numbers get significantly higher when it applies to vocational studies. To us in Kompass & Co, these youths represent valuable, untapped resources.
What makes K&Co unique is our ability to create employment by connecting social and green innovation.

Youth program- We introduce the youth to different work arenas and at the same time have a youth program where we follow up, map out and work with them using different tools.
Essentially, the workplace functions as development and social arena and this is where we have our youth program. We have workshops that make it possible for the youth to work with their psychological and social difficulties.

Our results- Over the last 6 years we have tested the market through different pilot projects at diverse events and locations including Øyafestivalen, Verdens kuleste dag (50,000 visitors) and TV3’s launch party. We have our own food truck that we take to these events and serve food out of.
We ran a ski restaurant for 2 years selling organic food and hot drinks to our customers. We were one of the first ski resorts in Norway to ever do that.
We have served over 9000 portions of surplus food since 2011.
We have helped over 60 youths and are currently looking for new recruitees  because they no longer need our help. That for us is a success story.

We have also witnessed a market that has changed from being a little sceptical to one that now expects sustainable and environmentally friendly (food) products/services and solutions. Therefore that market is ready and we are ready to deliver.

2017 and our goal for KOMPASSMAT AS
In 2017 we will start a commercial food production operation where the food concept is left over food and the labour comes from our most talented youths who have been the longest with us.
We will think differently and smartly in relation to the uses of leftover food as well as apply traditional preparation- and preservation methods. Anything goes!

We're going to smoke, salt, dry and ferment to create innovative and exciting products that stand out in the diversity of the catering business. Excess ribs from Christmas can become bacon, smoked sausage and bratwurst or just a crispy porchetta.

The solution
We want to help Norway develop concrete examples of optimal left-over food usage that align with the UN's sustainability goals such as reducing food wastage by 50% by 2030. In order for these objectives to be achieved, everyone must contribute. Working with food wastage is not only one person’s responsibility. It requires a joint effort and we want to be the facilitator and the inspirator for it.

Food wastage is a pressing environmental problem
In 2015, over 355,000 tonnes of food was wasted equalling approximately 20 billion NOK (source: Nofima).
Each person throws away in average 42,6kg of food every year. This is a frightening habit and development. In addition we waste large amounts of natural, human and time resources (for example water, land and products and services) that are used to produce this food.

Introducing the team
The founders of this concept have many years of experience in innovative youth work and restaurant management.

- Anders Sjøblom has 15 years of experience from some of Oslo's best and most innovative restaurants and for the last two years has worked with youth and food through NAV social services.

- Sherry Hakimnejad has 15 years of youth work experience from working in child welfare services for the public and private sectors. She has also been a foster mother for 2 years from the age of 28. She is the cofounder of Kompass & Co where she has used her network and skills to build one of the most innovative companies in Oslo when it comes to combing green and social innovation together.

Key customerOur goal is to have our own line of products targeting the grocery store segment. We also see a market in catering for event companies, which have sustainability as ta value for their whole consept. Lunch and overtime meals for Privat companiesare also a big market we want to target ourselves to
Unique selling pointsOur selling point is our focus on combining an environmental issuse (surplus food) and a growing social issue( unemployment amoungst youth) with trippe bottom line effect. We basically see gold and resourses where others see costs and problems
JobsKOMPASSMAT AS is currently not hiring. Please check back later for job openings!