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MarketPlace for C2C with fees. Non to Low Competition Yet!
Oslo, Norway
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Company details
2-10 employees
C2C, B2C, B2B
Pre revenue
1-5 MNOK
Oslo, Norway

A Unique idea that still is NOT present in the market.

Since the idea is unique and there is low to non competition and the concept is still to be implemented in the market we would appreciate a Non disclosure agreement before we can fully present the idea/service/product. We would like to launch this service internationally and not only in Norway. 

The platform is similar to Marketplace with ridesharing concepts where we will offer customers to connect with others who can help them achieve their goal at low cost.

Sustainable Development:

This idea/service will provide economic, social and safety benefits.
Most important is that this will indeed lead to a safer traffic pattern.
It will also lead to ease the road to establishing for the Young audience and reach people who couldn`t afford to before and making them buy service for their future.

We are hoping to get recognition from government for providing this platform to the young audience.

The Seller Will: 

  • Earn offering their services at Low Cost.
  • Earn around 150-350 kr/hour.
  • Get rated.
  • Be Ranked. The better the rating the more work they can expect.
  • Decide their own work hours. Choose to work Parttime or Fulltime.

The Buyer Will: 

  • Get the services around 50% less then the market rate.
  • Get more option and sellers fighting to offer required service.
  • Get faster respons
  • Track performance of the seller
  • Give Feedback
  • Help the community
  • Achieve goals faster
  • Get Loan Offers at Competitive Rates.
  • Get Insurance Offers at Competitive Rates.

Current Stage:

Idea, Research and development.

Future plans:

  • Start with offering the service through the webpage. - DriveFellow.Com and
  • Create an app . - Ios and Android App to connect with the website.
  • Hire Workers and Establish office in different regions. - Start with Oslo and hire in other Countries.

Growth :

In only Norway it is expected to collect 15-20 million Nok the first year as we have encountered this to be a big problem and most of the people we asked had faced problems related to the service and loved the idea. It is to Expensive and a cut around 50% would definitely make them choose our Platform.

  • Concept will lead to cut the cost to around 50% of the market price.
  • There will always be new users .

Only in Norway there are around 77000 users annually requiring this service and using around 30.000-45.000 NOK each in this service. 

Simple Calculation: (In Norway)

There are around 77000 users annually X using average 35000 Kr = 2 695 000 000 Kr is used annually on this Service!

You can Calculate the rest!

  • Our sellers will offer the same service with around 50% less
  • We will take around 20% fee for the transactions.

Extra income that can be collected additional to service fee:

Young Audience above 16 years . Still in the life cycle where they are struggling to establish.
They can be targeted for:

  • Generating Leads
  • Offering Insurance
  • Targeted ads
  • Marketplace
  • Offering loans

Even though the idea is not fully presented to you we would like you to have faith in us and let us present the idea to you once the non disclosure agreement is signed. 

We are motivated to make this idea a reality as we now are working full time to realize it.

We hope we got YOU interested and hear from you 

Key customerStudents , Young audience and they who require this service.
Unique selling pointsOnly in Norway there are around 77000 users annually requiring this service and using around 30.000-45.000 NOK each in this service. It will be a success Internationally.
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