Mr. Dahl is a hardworking entrepreneur and angel investor. Execution, passion and ambition drives him to commercialization of new ideas.

UniniteChief Operating Officer, Co-Founder and Member of the Board2016 - Current
Uninite is a service where housing partners that fit well together, based on desired characteristics, personality traits and interests can find each other.
Hasund CapitalManaging Director2016 - Current
Hasund Capital typically engage in startups at an early stage. We invest in the range of USD 10K to USD 150K and typically take 5 % - 20 % of the equity. We offer support, access to our international network and entrepreneur friendly initial funding. www.hasundcapital.com
Den Originale FiskebilenSalesman2016 - 2016
Door-to-door fish sales. Door-to-door is a sales technique in which a salesperson walks from the door of one house to the door of another trying to sell a product or service to the general public. Selling door to door is one of the hardest way to conduct business.
M/S LoranFisherman (Deckhand)2014 - 2015
The work as deckhand on an autoline fishing vessel consists of many different tasks. As a fishing tool, we use a line connected to numerous hooks. First of all, we throw the line in the sea with different sorts of bait like mackerel, squid, etc. Secondly is the hauling. This is where we start to pull the line and handle the fish. At the same time, we maintain the line. This part consists of bending hooks back to the right position, replace hooks with new ones and repair damages on the line before the next throwing. During the work, it is vital to be aware of personal security. In addition to handling the line, I also have 6-7 weeks of experience with working on the fishnet. When it comes to catching the fish, there are some species appearing more often than others. First and foremost, we primarily catch cod, haddock, coalfish, ling and tusk. However, other species may appear too. After handling the fish, it needs to be frozen. The storage freezer on the ship has a capacity of about 370 tons. This means that we would be able to be out at sea for a long period of time before going back to shore to unload. All in all, I learned a great deal about what hard work really means and how important it is to work together as a team.
Posten NorgePostman2014 - 2015
Delivering mail
Aktiv Eiendomsdrift Handyman2010 - 2013
Railway Services
Forsvaret - Norwegian Armed ForcesSquad Leader2012 - 2013
Compulsory military service at The Signals Battalion, Brigade Nord at The Norwegian Army, The Norwegian Armed Forces. Responsible for operating the brigade´s communications. A squad leader for a team in the signal battalion is responsible for the team's personnel, equipment and maintenance of the vehicle and its equipment. The squad leader leads the team in all phases of exercises and operations, including preparation and maintenance. The squad leader is responsible to ensure that the troop chief's plan and intention are followed. The squad leader will be under the guidance of its officers to make a plan that he mainly conducts alone.
Molde FolkehøgskoleGeneral Education , Outdoor Education 2013 - 2014
Activities and Societies: President at the student council, Event Management and Public Speaking.
NTG LillehammerGeneral Education , Top-Class Sport, German, Mathematics, Economics and Jurisprudence as electives 2010 - 2012
Top-Class Sport, German, Mathematics, Economics and Jurisprudence as electives Activities and Societies: Road Cycling, Public Speaker at Graduation Day
Lillehammer Videregående SkoleGeneral Education , Mathematics 1T (theoretical) and German as electives2009 - 2010
Mathematics 1T (theoretical) and German as electives Activities and Societies: Cross-Country Skiing, Road Cycling