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About"Mobile and backend software developer"
self empyoedGeoreference (development name)2015 - Current
The project is at an early stage of analysis and development. Based on Microsoft Azure using node.js as backend logic. Main features: - support for different kind of data ( eg. text, image, audio and video) - match data to specific coordinate. - get a complete stand-alone mobile project to compile into a fully functional app Some uses: - tourist guide (eg. audio content) - scavenger hunt ( eg. gamification) - personal recording ( save data from mobile and associate them to location)
Self-EmployedAndroid developer2014 - Current
Android apps using iBeacon technology. Delevoped app from scratch using iBeacon technology for: - engaging partecipants in a real world scavenger hunt game - present location based information at exhibition - shopping center
Self-EmployediOS developer2010 - Current
• Autonomy in iPhone and iPad development • Management of AppStore application submission Involved in application development using: o Memory management (ARC and MANUAL) o Multitasking ( using GCD) o Background operation o Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus integration o Location based services and maps o REST services with JSON (RestKit library and manual mapping) o Core Data o SQLite o In-App Purchase o AVFoundation for photo/video o Barcode reading o VOIP library ( PJSUA) o iBeacon o AutoLayout Learning swift and functional programming
Self-EmployedMobile Developer - iOS & Android2010 - Current
Developing native apps for iOS and Android platform