Wadim Grasza
Technical Lead Developer, Software Engineer at VG
About me
Passionate about product design, user experience, technology and helping companies organize themselves in order to be resilient and create sustainable competitive advantage. Creating products and writing software at Norway's most-read Newspaper.
Technical Lead Developer, Software Engineer
2014 - Current
- Originated the initiative of building a smart infrastructure for supporting innovation at VG - Helped bring a big data project into life by performing a business case analysis and setting forth architectural requirements - As Technical Lead Developer for an editorial software platform, I built and lead a community around the platform (10+ members) - Technical Lead Developer for VG.no - Wrote an A/B testing tool currently used on VG.no
Inonit AS
Software Architect & Engineer
2013 - 2014
Redpill Linpro
Software Architect & Engineer
2010 - 2013
Analyzed, designed and developed software systems, mostly in web-related technologies. Working in a leading IT-service company has taught me how to work efficiently in fast-paced projects and how to work with customers.
Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Oławie
2000 - Current
V Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. im. gen. Jakuba Jasińskiego we Wrocławiu
2000 - Current
University of Economics in Wroclaw
Postgraduate Diploma Managing Business,
2012 - 2012
A broadly-scoped, intensive course that introduced me to all aspects of managing a business - like a highly-condensed MBA. Practical, hands-on, individual and group-based exercises with real-life businesses related to: strategic management, project management, team building, motivating people, communication, negotiation, modern challenges of marketing, business simulation games.
Cranfield Uni.
MSc Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering,
2006 - 2007
This journey-into-the-future, super-practical course taught me how to design high-performance cloud and grid services and how to engineer web services that scale.
University of Wroclaw
Computer Science,
2004 - 2006
The course gave me solid foundations to reason about problems on an academic level, decompose complex problems and understand solutions from a conceptually abstract point of view which allows me to bring valuable insights into any problem-related discussion. Completed all the compulsory modules of the MSc Computer Science program.





Project management
Product management


Software development
Business Innovation
Management innovation
Product design
Marketing strategy
Product management