Vasyl Belyey
Senior product developer
About me

I have great desire to develop my skills and believe that my education and experience from research work and ability to handle large amount of data are useful. My research experience has been in the world of ionospheric studies using both radars and optic equipment.  Since 2014 I was with a company developing methods and software for automated spectral calibration of the cameras used for Aurora observations. With a PhD in physics and mathematics, good understanding of signal processing, statistical and spectral analysis, and many years of experience in project work (both international and in Norway) I have a lot to contribute.
Besides, I have knowledge of scientific modeling and multi-dimensional data visualization. I also have extensive experience in programming and software development in many programming languages (Fortran, C/C++, Java, Python, Bash,  Matlab, Mathematica), on both Unix/Linux- and Windows-based systems.
As a person, I probably can be described as a positive, structured and curious. I can handle high pace of work and thrive in a team job.  At the same time I am able of working independent and make my own decisions.

Pinhole AS
Product developer
2014 - Current
System computer engineering and software design for data collection, mathematical modeling, and analysis of signals from medical devices/sensors.
Taco Scientific AS
Software developer
2013 - 2014
System computer engineering and software design for optical device control.
University of Tromsø
Research scientist
2002 - 2014
Incoherent scatter radar observations of artificially and naturally enhanced ion-acoustic and plasma lines and interferometric observations of stimulated and natural radio emissions. Since 2005 participated in developing a new generation incoherent scatter radar EISCAT_3D, focusing on interferometric methods for radar image inversion. Teaching Physics, Mathematics, introduction to computers and programming languages.
Institute of Radio Astronomy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Senior scientist
1986 - 2002
Investigations of ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling processes. Experimental studies of large-scale ionospheric disturbances (TIDs). Radar observations of artificial ionospheric turbulence.
Department of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, USA
Visiting scientist
1994 - 1994
Observations of HF radar scattering from the magnetosphere.
Institute of Radio Astronomy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
1982 - 1986
Developed a technique for measuring trajectory parameters of HF signals using small antennas.
Leningrad State University, USSR
PhD, Physics and Mathematics
1988 - 1988
Experimental investigations of traveling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs).
Kharkiv State University, Ukraine
BS with distinction, Radio physics
1977 - 1982
Coursework: Cosmic radio physics; Electrodynamics; Antennas and radio wave propagation; Statistical methods; Programming languages and algorithms; Research topic: Angle-of-arrival estimated from polarimetric HF measurements.
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