Project Management

I am a creative & ambitious student at Grenoble Institute of Technology, and now seeking for a 6-months internship in Lyon (or elsewhere depending on opportunities), as a product designer or project manager in renewables or smart vehicles.


Through my education in 2 different schools from the same great group, and my 2 internships in companies whose objectives and methods differ a lot, I acquired a few complementary visions of engineering, and several working methods.


I am now willing to explore the worlds' possibilities and limits, to improve myself, to help the others, and to create innovative ways of producing sustainable energy and smart ways of traveling.

eBikeLabsProduct Engineer2016 - Current
Context : At the end of my internship at eBikeLabs, as I was going to get back to school for my Master's Degree last semester, the CEO proposed me to stay part-time. Therefore, I chose to replace one of my 5 modules by 2 afternoons a week as a Product Engineer at eBikeLabs. Mission : 1. Improving the casing and attaching system of the eBikeCortex, the first smart and connected controller for ebikes, eBikeLabs' MVP 2. Preparing industrialisation of the eBikeCortex 3. Designing the casing of the eBikeMaps Controller, the eBikeCortex's evolution, adding a power controller to the smart functions 4. Preparing industrialisation of the eBikeMaps Controller