RedOceanAnalyst2013 - Current
Red Ocean is the leading Digital Performance Management company in the Nordics. We drive digital performance for our customers and have been doing so since 2011. We at Red Ocean believe that user experience is your best success metric. It is the foundation from which you can draw experience and become proactive rather than reacting on upcoming disruptions. Every market is transforming and adapting towards becoming a digital entity providing digital services rooted in the core business. Just think about it, you do your bank errands digitally, you shop online and newspapers are becoming something of the past. Becoming digital means that you have to disrupt the “thing” that is you; you have to manage the increased digital complexity, the vast amount of data available and on top of that, understand your customers experience. Does this sound familiar? Contact us if you truly need to control your digital performance. http://www.redocean.no
SlottsfjellfestivalenStagemanager2008 - Current
Coordinating bands, making sure they get on and off at the right time. And making sure they have the right equipment.