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About"In the past (too many) years, I have covered most of the very-technical to very-commercial work spektrum. From working with ultra pure silicon sensors for the space station, to heading a edtech statup. From learning quantum physics at UiO, to studying entrepreneurial strategy at MIT Sloan. From playing FIFA, to actually kicking a ball (not very commercial though...). I have done it all!!\n\nAlong the way I have managed to learn a thing or two about some boring stuff (like LEAN, production efficiency, M&A, market analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, bla bla bla), and some cool stuff (like LEAN startup, minimal viable product, concept development, analytics, value proposition, scalable business case, pitching ideas, and so much more!). \n\nI am looking to join a startup. If you need a versatile guy that can take lead on a number of things - get in touch! We can have a cup of coffee with no strings attached (I actually do not drink coffee, only in social settings. Weirdo).\n\nEducation:\n- M.Sc. in nanophysics from University of Oslo\n- MBA from NHH / NTNU\n- Studied entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan \n- Studied corporate strategy at Harvard Business School\n\nWork experience:\n- Engineer at Sintef\n- Investment manager at Norsk Hydro\n- Researcher at Institute of Transport Economics\n- Consultant at DNV GL\n- Headed a edtech startup\n- Hatching new ideas"
Next MindsStartup lead2016 - 2016

DNV GLSenior Consultant2011 - 2016

Norsk HydroInvestment manager2008 - 2010

Sintef ICTEngineer2007 - 2008

NTNUMaster in Technology Management, 2014 - 2016
Similar to MBA
University of OsloM.Sc. nanophysics, 2003 - 2008