MajikoM.D.2016 - Current
In off-grid communities, women and children often bear the primary responsibility for water collection. In some regions this accounts for up to 6 hours every day. Time lost due to walking and waiting for water is having a ripple effect on women’s lives, spending hundreds of hours annually that they could instead devote to more valuable pursuits. By transporting water by bike, MajiKo wish to liberate these women. Water is freedom.
Moonwalk TomorrowMoonwalk Astronaut2015 - 2016
Moonwalk Tomorrow are dealing with the largest challenge Norway is facing in the near to medium future and we are acting sooner rather than later to stabilize the economy and move resources from oil related sectors into new fields.Moonwalk Astronauts learn all there is to know about building successful companies; Understanding big challenges and creating opportunities from them, using Lean Startup techniques to create successful startups, and finally turning them into growth machines.
Political and Economical Reporting covering major events in Malaysia such as 1MDB, The Terriotiral dispute in the South-China Sea, The effect of the downfall of the petroluem price etc.
Insight Numerics, LLCBusiness Developer2015 - 2015
Insight Numerics has developed Detect3D, a 3-D software which is the most advanced fire & gas mapping software available. Detect3D assists engineers in effectively positioning fire & gas detectors. A free demo is available through our website, www.insightnumerics.comDetect3D is more than just a nice looking tool, it has the potential to save EPC's and consulting firms more than 60% of the cost for fire & gas mapping studies and reduce the number of flame and gas detectors required. This can equate to more than $100k savings on a single average-sized project!
Norwegian School of EconomicsMSc in Economics and Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), 2011 - 2015
Major in Economics, specializing within macroeconimics. Masterthesis about the Petroleum Dependency in the Norwegian Economy, and the needed restructuring in the time ahead. The titele is "On the verge of re-entry. Readjustment of labour and the optimal policy towards a postpetroleum Norwegian economy"
Boston University Questrom School of BusinessMinor in Entrepenurship, 2015 - 2015
The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship/Gründerskolen
Queen's University Exchange - Undergrad, 2013 - 2013