Stefan Eklund ManagementOwner2000 - Current
Consultant. ENK. Recruiting. Investments and property development. Early on it was named Cygnus Design for web design. Marketing and design was the most fun to do, so I am back at where I started, and I love it. COinno AS is the continuation of this business, but in the form of a stock company for easier cooperation.
CoinnoFounder2014 - Current
Marketing and Innovation Management Consulting.We project manage and deliver content such as: digital media platforms, visual communications, web design, publishing, graphic design, logos, text and other stuff related to PR and communication. Content delivery is in house or from outsourcing partners.This is a new business model enterprise with partner share based on contribution. By combining marketing and innovation we can deliver more adaptive marketing and help change to get the client in line with customer needs. The company is rigged for growth.The vision is to offer communication consulting combined with innovation consulting. If the customers services does not meet the end customers requirements however it is packaged or branded we can help innovate. We want to offer premium services and a sustainible edge, with cost effective and competitive solutions.