Spark NTNUStartup Mentor2015 - Current
Spark* is a free coaching and advice service for students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who have an idea and want to bring it to life. My main responsibilities is guidance of students who needs help in the startup face or wants a sparring partner on how to pursue commercialization
NTNUTeaching Assistant2012 - Current
-TIØ4170 Technology Based Business Development - Spring 2016 Conducting Q&A sessions and giving feedback on exercises preformed by the students regarding technology based commercialization, teams, funding, business modelling, and value creating negotiations. - TIØ4330 Idea Search and Market Assessment - Fall 2015 Give the students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship an introduction to search and evaluation of technology based ideas suitable for commercialization. The job involves close mentoring and facilitating of 8 student teams consisting of 5 to 6 students. The teams conduct a minimum of five feasibility studies each lasting one week and ends with a presentation for a venture/industry panel. One of the feasibility studies is preformed at CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research. - TPK 4100 Production Management - Fall 2014 Helping students gain knowledge about management and control of manufacturing companies through Q&A sessions and giving feedback on exercises preformed by the students. - Experts in teamwork - Fall/Spring 2012/2013 The job involves conducting process oriented exercises and facilitating student groups in collaboration with a lecturer and a co-teaching assistant.