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I could talk write your ears off here, but then again; there's really no need, is there? Take a look at my website and/or LinkedIn to see if I'm something worth looking into.

The short ones though; yes, I love design; yep, I'm (proven) keen on entrepreneurship; yup, I'm enthusiastic about (social) innovation; yeah, you could possibly maybe say I'm sort of mainly an interaction- and play designer; (Hell) yes, I'm up for a foreign adventure if you're startup/job offer is not exactly in Copenhagen.

DANSIC - Danish Social Innovation ClubInnovation Design Director2016 - Current
DANSIC is a non-profit platform for social innovation that aims to inspire for better solutions to societal challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship to create a socially-, economically and environment sustainable society. As the director of the "innovation design" crew, my tasks are to apply design thinking and -methods and lead my team in the process of designing and facilitating two innovation processes; DANSIC Impact & DANSIC Conference. For more info, I suggest visiting DANSIC's website
Brain Game CPHGame Master2016 - Current
Brain Game CPH is host for a series of escape rooms in the heart of Copenhagen. As a game master, I have several responsibilities. First and foremost, my job is to facilitate and guide guests through the escape room experience. In this, I get a chance to apply my knowledge of play mechanics and customer experience while at the same time gaining further insights in how humans play and interact with space, objects and each other. Further, I get hands-on experience on how puzzles, pressure and affordances of physical surroundings affect interaction and behaviour. Secondly, the escape rooms needs constant evaluation with the aim of designing and facilitating playful and in general enjoyable experiences. Hence, I also assist with improvised maintenance as well as help with new ideas for concepts and game elements.
IT UniversityCand.IT in Digital Design, 2014 - 2016
Masters degree in Digital Design from the IT University of Copenhagen