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About"I´ve started a few companies - some succeeded, some failed. \nCreating something out of nothing is my thing, and the intersection between the product development and business development is my zone."
Exergia ASCo Founder and Chairman2013 - Current
Exergia´s long term goal is saving an amount of power each year, equal to the output of Norways largest power plant. We do this by helping home owners and municipalities make better decisions about energy efficiency.
ADES HoldingVP of making things happen2016 - Current
ADES has, and invests in a broad portfolio of both wholly and partially owned companies, mainly within e-commerce / marketplaces and social media. My work lies in identifying and executing on opportunities, both in the daily operations of portfolio companies and new external ventures.
SpaceAppCo Founder & Rocket Scientist2014 - 2016
Space helps you rent, or rent out your parking spot for minutes, hours, months or years – and anything in between. We also give you real time availability info on all available parking close to you. No fear, No fines, No fuss! I am Space´s Rocket Scientist. I contribute my knowledge and experience across all disciplines and levels of the organisation, to find the best solutions for turning the company into a rocket ship. My specialty is creative problem solving, so I am here to ensure that there isn’t a single problem that we can’t solve in a creative and favorable way.
AFFIX ASConsultant2014 - 2016
We are a consulting company located in Oslo, Norway. We travel the world in order to open doors for fast growing companies and find the best deal for our investors. Growth X Capital -
edX, 2000 - Current