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IdeaSoft provides full-stack software development. We are confident that increasing quantity and quality of internet presence in Internet will increase your company growth. While searching for a kind of service (product) that you provide, the client primary looks for it in internet. So if you do not have attractive landing - you simply lose the clients. Many companies, experiencing rapid growth usually face this issue because internet presence is vitally important nowadays. IdeaSoft has a number of advantages comparing to other software companies: 1. Fare prices. 2. Great products quality. 3. Absolute transparency - you can monitor every move and every step of development. 4. Experienced specialists that have successfully completed over 150 projects in 4 years. 5. Personal approach to every project. We have deep technical expertise in creating: - Web development - Mobile apps (iOS, Android) - Internet marketing (SEO, SMM) - data parsing Professional web-site will take your business up to a whole new level and increase profit. All of our customers are satisfied with out services! Just tell me the date and time that will work the best for you, and I will be glad to set up a call to discuss our collaboration possibilities