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About"An organised, dynamic and motivated individual pursuing a career in the field of management. Have been involved with managing and delivering a multitude of deadline-driven projects, hence enhancing personal experience and knowledge in project management and importantly, developing interpersonal skills and a winning mentality. Recent projects include Unwind Summer School, campaigns with Citizens UK and charity causes such as Global Aid Trust."
Citizens UKCommission: Islam, Participation and Public Life - Youth Advisory Board2015 - Current

Da'watul Islam UK & EireProject Manager2016 - Current
Faith in Refuge is an on-going project which has the following aims to deliver by the end of May 2016: - Form and lead a team of young people from various faith backgrounds to work. - Work around the given budget to deliver this video documentary by hiring a camera crew, actors, editors and other necessities. - Delegate roles to team members to design a script and storyboard to adhere to when directing this video documentary. - Produce a video documentary raising awareness on the refugee plight all around the world. - Create a marketing plan to advertise the video.
City University LondonStudent Ambassador2015 - Current

The National StudentWriter2015 - Current

Unwind Summer SchoolSenior Management Team2015 - Current
Position involves: - Interviewing prospective staff, including teachers - Devising curriculum and timetable for summer school - Arranging school events, such as trips - Dealing with student applications to the school - Contributing to workshop ideas
Citizens UKLeader and Public Speaker2015 - Current
My main campaign experience involved working with community organisers in the SaveME campaign (a campaign for safer roads) by contributing ideas in meetings, bringing other leaders from my school to the march, also stewarding and leading the marches. I also wrote an article to promote this campaign, because it was a huge issue within my community. This experience demonstrates strong communication skills and a good teamwork ethic. Previously, I worked with other community organisers in helping to host relationship building events, “Know Your Neighbour,” in our organisations in Shadwell. Here community leaders were invited to build relationships. This allowed a mixture of people including young Muslims to share a platform together and build relationships, thus breaking the barriers down when trying to participate in public life. This demonstrates my burning passion to create unity and promote interfaith harmony. Consequently, my organisational skills had developed massively. I also gave a speech at the Citizens UK Mayoral Assembly 2015 (attended by former mayoral candidates John Biggs and Rabina Khan). Here, I touched on issues of political disengagement between the youth and the political establishment, the barriers preventing youth into politics and how these obstacles were bred. I also co-chaired a listening campaign on the housing crisis which involved listening to groups of leaders from Tower Hamlets, share their experiences of the housing crisis, noting down their worries and then presenting summaries of all their concerns to the audience. This experience strengthened my listening and presentational skills. Finally my application to the Commission on Islam launched by Citizens UK was accepted in September 2015. Here, I will be collaborating with 15 commissioners consisting of mostly MP's and other leaders from the Muslim community to tackle the barriers Muslims face in participation in public life.
Da'watul Islam UK & EireTeacher2014 - Current
One of the most rewarding and spiritually fulfilling jobs available!
City University of LondonInternational Political Economy, 2015 - Current

European College of Business & ManagementBusiness and Finance, 2015 - 2015
- History of Finance in Britain - Banking and Financial Crises - Business Ethics - Business Law - Leadership and Management
Jamiatul Ummah Sixth FormA Levels, 2012 - 2015
English Literature B, Maths C and Religious Studies C
Jamiatul UmmahGCSE, 2008 - 2012
11 A-C's