Ronny A Nilsen
Owner at ResultatPartner AS
About me
Managing Director
ResultatPartner AS
1991 - Current
Develop and provide measurable and sustainable Trainings and Performance Management processes.
ResultatPartner AS
Managing Director - Trainer & Recruiter
1991 - Current
ResultatPartner AS - Improve Performance & Training Systems Established in 1991 with main focus on improving customers results and performances. We are very proud to offer you references from more than 300+ leading companies attaining our Trainings or Recruitment Processes. We deliver results - thats simple! If passionate about Performance Improvements please join our Improve Performance Group her eon LinkedIn! We are offering the following services: Top- and middle management Training. Executive Sales Training (B2B, B2C, Solution Sellling). High Performance Team. Consulting Skills. Executive Search & Selection (Top- and Mid Managers, Salespeople, IT Consultants, Specialists). ResultatPartner Group has partners in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Improve Performance Systems is a web-based Corporate Perfomance Management Tool identifying, analyzing and visualizing performances on all levels. We believe it will become the Next Level of Corporate Performance Management tool enabling performance measure and Training and with proven methodologies like; Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, Scorecards and tailor made Trainings and action Plans for internal as well as external use. Today more than 400 people from leading companies are increasing their performances using the Improve Systems. We have developed the system since 1995 in the early beginning considering measurable Training and Development methods from Sports tailored to Business arena. Users are able to have an individual Training Plan and Scorecards/Dashboards. Feel free to give us a call and we will demonstrate the opportunities in your company.
San Diego State University
1983 - 1985




Oslo, Norway


Project management
Product management


Software developement. Architecture. Frontend Developer. Partner Sales. CEO.
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