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About"★ Work experience:\nI am well versed in different areas of design and have successfully designed solutions for print media and websites. In addition, I am working with software developers and design companies to find best solutions for the clients problems. You could check our website on I have also won several design competitions through internet and have also won UCN contest during my first year in Denmark.\n\n♡ Values:\nHave a good knowledge of typography, numerology and symbolism. Moreover, I have had opportunities to design and work with different design manuals for the promotion of companies. I am comfortable working as part of a team or individually. I have a good sense of design and I am capable to control it, by using different models and theories. After being involved in design over six years and perceive it as a strategy, which properly used could contribute to promotion of the client business.\n\n♚ Mission:\nHelp companies and private customers get more attention by developing visual identities.\n\nI have attached a copy of my resume and CV for your reference. I hope there will be enough to interest you and provide proof of my capability as a graphic and web designer.\n"
Graphic and Web designerFreelancer2012 - Current
web and print design
UNO gruppendesigner2014 - 2014
Brand development, logo, business card, newsletter, website, animation, label, SIM card design.
UCN, Aalborg, DanmarkAP Degree, Design, Technology & Business (Graphics), 2012 - 2014
Gained knowledge how to determine and properly use design theories and methods in order to produce best results for the client.
Vilniaus Technology and design college Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Interior Design, 2006 - 2010
Gained basic design knowledge and skills: composition, symmetry, colour, shape, etc.