Roger Pettersen
Co-owner, board member, project manager at Økotaxi AS
About me
Worked in Oslo's taxi industry for more than 20 years, both as a manager, taxi driver and concept developer. Today a co-owner and a board member of ØkoTaxi AS (EcoTaxi Inc.) in Oslo. Has also worked with other innovative projects, including to develop a concept for self-supported rental of electric vehicles. Most of my friends would probably decribe me as an easy going, creative, open minded, very friendly and helpful person. But also very determined and focused. Somtimes he finds his own ways, some might say. I am divorced and live alone. The benefit is that I get much time to work with my own projects. I fully agree with Mr. Einstein, when he once said: "Success is 1% talent and 99% hard work" I have two young and expectant teenage daughters who visit me quite often. Very pleasant and recreational breaks in my otherwise hectic life :)
Økotaxi AS
Co-owner, board member, project manager
2010 - Current
Økotaxi har utviklet et helt nytt taxikonsept og er fortsatt formell søker om tillatelse til å lansere et helt nytt sone -til sonebasert fastpriskonsept for taxi i Oslo, med en ny app-oppfinnelse. Økoataxi har også internasjonale ambisjoner
Oslo Minitaxi AS
2006 - 2010
Oslo Mintiaxi AS søkte om konsekjon for å lansere et nytt lav & fastpriskonsept for taxi i Oslo. Konspetet var tuftet på små billige biler og et kostnadseffektivt drifttskonsept. Videre skulle noen av inntektene baseres på en nytt taxireklamekonsept. Summen av dette skulle munne ut i et billig og forutsibart taxikonsept til publikum. Etter å ha stanget hodet i kommunebyråkratiet i over 4 år, ble Oslo Minitaxi nedlagt. Konseptet ble omtalt i DN i 2006 her:
Etc Electric Time Car AS
Founder, Boardmember and co-owner
2003 - 2005
Grunder og partner. Konseptutvikling og markedsfører
Norgestaxi Oslo AS
Daglig leder
2000 - 2002
Norges Markedshøyskole (på Økern)
Bachelor i markedsføring,
1987 - 1989
Sogn videregående
1985 - 1988
Utdannet typogra
Sinsen videregående skole
1979 - 1982




Oslo, Norway


Project management