Complex problem solving
Brand management

Multilingual and value-driven business development manager / project manager having a passion for shaping future by evaluating and packaging \nintangible assets into new and valuable forms. 

Passionate about biotechnology, and innovation management, I have evolved my career focus towards business design, innovation projects, and intellectual property strategies. I like to step into new situations and navigate them, always learning and exploring.

Currently, I'm pursuing a master's degree in Intellectual Capital Management at Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It's a unique program that focuses on assessment and development of early innovation projects. The education provides me with valuable business design tools and entrepreneurial thinking, which are essential in today's knowledge-based economy. It is a collaboration between the Department for Technology Management & Economics and the Center for Intellectual Property.

CONTACT: Regina Urbanovic ❖ urre1122(a)

EXPERTISE: business development, social innovation, brand management, business strategy, intellectual capital management, open innovation, IP strategy, innovation management, intellectual asset assessment, business model innovation. 

Hidden in Grains ABStrategy and Business Development Manager / Project Manager2017 - Current
Start-up Development · "Hidden in Grains" AB · 2017 02 -.... · SE · Gothenburg · At this early stage of research transformation into the innovation, I am working with business strategy development, coordinating and setting up all the activities necessary to reach our goal and fulfill the mission. I bring to the company extensive experience in business development, project management and providing the team members with IP consultations.
GU VentureIP and Business Analyst Intern / Project Manager2016 - Current
2016 08 -… · GU Venture · SE ·Gothenburg · Business development and commercialization of early stage Life Science projects. IP and business analysis. Projects focusing on methodologies of design thinking and user-centered innovative solutions; intellectual asset mapping; business opportunities based on proprietary or strategic project assets; business model development and differentiating strategies based on internal and external mapping of assets and competencies. Proactive contribution in: 1. Healthcare Inc. - Transforming healthcare needs into viable solutions 2. Venture Inc. - Transforming innovations into growth firms. 3. Research Inc. - Transforming research into innovation.
After many years in business, I decided took an effort to make the shift in my career or more precisely told, to refresh my knowledge and upgrade my skills to stay competitive in the knowledge-based market. My passion for innovation brought me to Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which equipped me with tools and skills to lead innovation projects and what is most important recognize the value and package it into profitable solutions
Gurunavi Inc. Business Strategy Intern · IT Project2016 - 2016
2016 summer internship · Gurunavi Inc. · JP · Tokyo I, as an intern, was Involved in the strategy development project of the fee-based visitors' guide service platform "Live Japan", oriented toward the English-speaking audience. I contributed to the project with business analysis and business strategy creation. Some of my recommendation regarding the brand issues and visual communication was implemented before the project ended. I also took a proactive role in the productivity and diversity projects.
Silverknappen ABSales responsible / Jewelry business2011 - 2015
2011 - 2015 · Silevknappen AB · SE · Lidköping · During 3 years working at Silverknappen AB, in parallel, I was studying at the upper secondary school in Sweden to align the differences in education. The part-time job at the company allowed me to connect learning to the practice and improve my selling skills. This position gave me the great opportunity to study customers behaviour in the new culture, to learn the specifics of the working environment in Sweden.
After very intensive career I took the new challenge, I moved to Sweden to explore the new world of opportunities and challenges.
Artogeia Bryoni L.L.C.Strategy and Business Development Manager2005 - 2010
2005 – 2010 · Artogeia Bryoni L.L.C. · LT, Vilnius · LV, Riga · PL, Warsaw · UK, London After one year working as service and sales manager, I was promoted by the board to a Business development general manager. 5 working years resulted in three subsidiary companies developed internationally, revenue increase and the strong market position.
Fontes MPS LithuaniaAssistant Recruitment Manager 2002 - 2005
∙ 3 years ∙ 2002 05 – 2005 04 ∙ Fontes MPS Lithuania ∙ LT∙ Proactive contribution in analysis and forecasts of firms potential needs of skills. Appointed to lead several “headhunting” projects.
Vinvarsa UABHotel manager1999 - 2002
∙ 3 years ∙ 1999 – 2002 ∙ Vinvarsa UAB ∙ LT∙ I was involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel, which included carrying out reception duties as well as recruiting, training and monitoring staff; planning work schedules for individuals and teams; dealing with customer complaints and comments; I was very proud of my very early achievements, when implemented by me team training resulted in 50% complains reduction.
Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipM.Sc. Intellectual Capital Management, Life Science profile, Innovation and Entrepreneurship2015 - 2017
The ELS-profile (formerly known as GIBBS) is focused on business creation and entrepreneurship through practical work with real life science based projects. The education is set in a unique environment where I was developing and applying tools, skills and capabilities to create and increase value in my projects. I am well versed in respective life science fields and also entrepreneurial project leader. The dual background gave me an essential mix that prepares me for the distinctive life science market dynamics in my chosen career. I am equipped with tools and capabilities to recognize business possibilities and create growth in life science.
UMK TorunM.Sc. , HR Management2002 - 2004
Studies provided me with knowledge in field of HR management and specifics, dinamics of domestic and global labour market.
UMK TorunBachelor , Business Administration and Marketing1999 - 2004
Management Studies provide me with universal knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary organizations’ conduct in an international environment. The programme of Management Studies delivers the competences to become managers in different types of organizations, including all areas of management. Moreover, the graduates have knowledge concerning the phenomena occurring at domestic as well as global markets. The aforementioned programmes take into consideration the newest and dynamically changing requirements of market as well as the challenges related to European integration processes.