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About"I am president of the student branch of the Norwegian Labour party in Bergen, board member of the Labour party in Bergen and recently elected to the city council. I have also just finished by 3 year job as a full time advisor for SiB and is thus ready for new challenges. I have done a lot of different stuff, including work and studies in Beijing, as well as a long list of officies in higher education policy, including NOKUT.\n\nMy professional goal is to work in the intersection between leadership, strategic management and politics."
SiB - Studentsamskipnaden i BergenOrganisasjonskonsulent2012 - 2015
Org.kons for Studentparlamentet ved Høgskolen i Bergen
Høgskolen i BergenBoard Member2010 - 2012

Høgskolen i BergenBachelor in Business administration, 2009 - 2014

NLA Høgskolen BergenBachelor in Interkultural studies, 2006 - 2014