BiXmaFounder and CEO2014 - Current
BiXma is a business based on augmented reality technology. For two years, a team of exceptional awards winning developers worked on structuring BiXma’s own augmented reality platform to stay independent of any third party while engineering BiXma products. Augmented Reality is the technology of today and the indispensable added value for our life in the very near future. A new report from Juniper Research has found that annual revenues from mobile augmented reality (AR) services and applications will reach $1.2 billion by 2015, up from just over $180 million last year. On the bases of this exciting technology, We have developed exceptional products with unique unmatched features to boost Advertising, publishing, gaming, education, and different business fields to another level. We establish market focus by having partners and resellers in different markets (countries/regions) to aid us localizing and customizing our products and services, provide quality customer support and aftersales services. BiXma provides Augmented reality as an applied technology, beyond R&D and being "a cool thing". With BiXma, AR is the real deal.
Swedish Arabia Business Agency - SABAFounder and Manager2010 - Current
Swedish Arabia Business Agency is a sole exclusive distributor of many products in Scandinavia and MENA, the latest is Ceranosa ceramics and tiles - SABA is the exclusive distributor in Scandinavia. My responsibility is to obtain profit contribution and managing staff to establish and accomplish business objectives. My responsibility is also to create, review and implement business procedures and execute administrative responsibilities. We, at SABA, help companies and entrepreneurs in Nordic countries and the Middle East to expand their Markets, enrich their companies and collaborate to meet investment opportunities in the respective regions. We do believe that there is still a massive space of niche markets, and its our mission to lead our clients in that direction. With our partners in the Arab world, not only we offer Nordic companies the chance to find resellers, franchisers, distributors, and representatives; But also keep our clients up to date concerning all the latest events happening in the Arab countries including Exhibitions, Projects seeking contractors, potential leads, and socio-cultural and political ever-changing background which is a crucial knowledge for any business to find its secured steps in a new market. You are one step away from rejuvenating your objectives and triggering your business prosperity!